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Every Breath You Take

There's a new Mountain Dew drink, Uproar, exclusively at Food Lion's across the country, and I picked up a 2-liter bottle for today's taste test.

No, I couldn't find one smaller, though I did look! I did!

I cut pop out of my life, for the most part at least, years ago. Before then, I was having at least one a day, but I finally wised up. I realized how much sugar they contain and how bad they are for you. Plus, they never satisfied me. For example, if I needed a drink to wet the palate, I would take a gulp of whatever pop I had on hand, and afterward, I was even thirstier!

Water really is the best.

However, every now and then, I splurge and indulge in a soda. Sometimes, I use the sugary liquid in a mixed drink, but more often than not, I'd at Taco Bell sipping some. There's just something about their Baja Blast Mountain Dew. I'm addicted!

When I found out about this new flavor, I wanted to give it a go, to see how it stacked up against Baja Blast. Nothing, in my opinion, is better. It is the best Mountain Dew drink, even tastier than the classic neon green one.

Mountain Dew Uproar is close second though!

The label of Mountain Dew Uproar is blinding, almost off-putting, with it's bright green and hot  pink coloring. The liquid itself is more of a salmon pink, orange hue. It's not the most appealing look, but it sounded pretty good. It consists of a blend of berries and kiwi.

It's pretty good!

It reminds me of the Baja Blast, but it's fruiter. There are hints of berries and kiwi buried beneath the sugar.

I would get this again, if it was available at Taco Bell.