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Amy Grant

I've been shaving since I was in middle school, and my routine's never changed.

I get in the shower, wet my legs, shave (usually using soap, shaving cream, or razors with gel blades - paying no mind to the products and what's in them), rinse off, dry off and apply lotion.

Sound familiar?

Yeah, I thought that's how you were supposed to shave.


Obviously you CAN shave that way, but then, the skin is more prone to develop ingrown hairs, bumps, rashes, and more.

So, while shaving might seem simple enough, elementary even, there's numerous steps to follow to get a clean, close shave that will leave your skin moisturized, smooth and prickly-free!

Thankfully, Melissa Bridges, Marketing Director and Sexual Health Ambassador of Badd Kitty, is here to explain!

Tune in below, and be sure to follow our podcast for more information on a wide-range of women's topics.