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Break My Stride
Matthew Wilder

Thanks to our partnership with Just Ask Hal Computer Repair Service, our Name That Tune winners will receive a very awesome prize, now through May!

We're giving away MORE special Chromebooks, through MAY, from Just Ask Hal! 🥳

Never played Name That Tune before? That's okay. Here's out it works. Trust me, it's pretty EASY!

Look for our Name That Tune posts on FB and Instagram every TUESDAY.

Remember - Tuesday is Name That Tune Day!

We've taken a song from the EASY Radio library and mixed the title down into some visuals. Then, it's YOUR JOB to descramble what's depicted. Make sure to leave a comment with your guess though. That's how you enter to win!

From all of the correct responses, someone will randomly be chosen the next day (and contacted by FB/Instagram) to win a SPECIAL, JUST ASK HAL CHROMEBOOK!

So scroll on over to our social media pages to play!

Good luck.