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Recently, Crooked Hammock Brewery, at Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach released the Lift Ticket, a unique stout, and WOW!

Sam, Sam's dad and myself all enjoyed this beer. Normally at the Beer Den in Lowes, it's pretty scarce that we all order the same beer, and it's even rarer that we thoroughly like said same beer. However, we all agreed on, and enjoyed, the Lift Ticket.

Brewed with Little Goat Peruvian coffee, cacao nibs and vanilla, it's similar to a regular stout. As in, it's crafted with warming, filling spices and flavorings that I associate with that type of beer. However, this isn't a traditional stout in color or mouthfeel. It's a golden in hue, and it's not as heavy.

Don't be fooled, however. Don't mistake this to be a light lager because it's not.

It will leave you feeling cozy and full, but not enough that you can't go about the rest of your evening! As they say, it will lift your spirits!

I loved this beer because of the coffee, it really shines through, and because it wasn't as hefty as a regular stout. If you're not a big fan of stouts either, and you do like coffee, I'd give this one a try!