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Baby Come To Me
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Brenda Janowitz Overview of New Book 3/24 · 5:38
Brenda Janowitz 3/15 · 5:43
Sarah Penner 3/9 · 3:36

The London Seance Society

Lauren Willig 3/8 · 3:32

Two Wars and A Wedding

Pam Jenoff February 2023 2/11 · 10:38

Scott Richards talks with best seller Pam Jenoff about her newest novel, "Code Name Sapphire"

Brad Taylor 2/7 · 11:06

Scott Richards conversation with Brad Taylor about his latest thriller. 

Marie Benedict 2/7 · 16:12

Scott Richards talks with Marie Benedict about her latest novel, "The Mitford Affair". 

Grady Hendrix-How To Sell A Haunted House 1/24 · 13:25

Scott Richards talks with Grady Hendrix about his new Horror/Mystery. Set in Charleston, SC. A house full of puppets. They aren't happy. The book. Is. A. Blast!

Stacy Willingham Jan 2023 1/23 · 7:34

Scott Richards talks with Stacy Willingham about her new book "All The Dangerous Things". 

Easy Radio Book Club - Mary Kubica 1/13 · 7:52

Scott Richards talks with Mary Kubica about her latest novel, Just The Nicest Couple - Domestic Thriller!