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Beautiful World (Christmas Version)
Jim Brickman ft. Adam Crossley
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Jeffrey Deaver- 11/15 · 11:21

Scott Richards talks with Jeffrey Deaver about his newest thriller, "Hunting Time". 

Litchfield - Laurie Lico Albanese 10/21 · 10:50

Scott Richards talks with Laurie Lico Albanese about her new novel "Hester". 

Litchfield Books Jennifer Coburn 10/14 · 14:27

Cradles of the Reich - A novel of WWII. Scott Richards talks with Jennifer Coburn about the program that ran from the mid 1930's through the end of the war, where young German women bore the sons of racially 'pure' German soldiers. 

Kate Winkler Dawson 9/29 · 12:03

Scott Richards talks with Kate Winkler Dawson about "All That is Wicked" a true story of murder in the gilded age of America. Is it possible someone is too smart to be executed? 

Books By Easy A.M. Homes 9/9 · 13:50

Scott Richards talks with A.M. Homes about her new Novel, "The Unfolding". A darkly amusing political adventure set between election day 2008 and the Inauguration January 2009. 

Books By Easy Deanna Raybourne 9/6 · 10:41

Scott Richards talks with Deanna Raybourne about "Killer of a Certain Age".  It's her new thriller about four 60 year women assassins who are about to retire, but find themselves targeted for elimination. 

Books By Easy Louisa Treger 9/2 · 11:46

Scott Richards talks with Louisa Treger about her new novel "Mad Woman". A fictionalized account of Nellie Bly and time she voluntarily spent at an asylum in NYC.