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Dionne Warick
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Kate Winkler Dawson 9/29 · 12:03

Scott Richards talks with Kate Winkler Dawson about "All That is Wicked" a true story of murder in the gilded age of America. Is it possible someone is too smart to be executed? 

Books By Easy A.M. Homes 9/9 · 13:50

Scott Richards talks with A.M. Homes about her new Novel, "The Unfolding". A darkly amusing political adventure set between election day 2008 and the Inauguration January 2009. 

Books By Easy Deanna Raybourne 9/6 · 10:41

Scott Richards talks with Deanna Raybourne about "Killer of a Certain Age".  It's her new thriller about four 60 year women assassins who are about to retire, but find themselves targeted for elimination. 

Books By Easy Louisa Treger 9/2 · 11:46

Scott Richards talks with Louisa Treger about her new novel "Mad Woman". A fictionalized account of Nellie Bly and time she voluntarily spent at an asylum in NYC. 

Books By Easy 8/27 · 11:55

Scott Richards talks with Catherine McKenzie about her newest thriller - "Please Join Us".

Madeline Martin The Librarian Spy 8/6 · 8:30

Scott Richards talks with Madeline about her latest work of historical fiction set in WWII Portugal and France. 

Books by Easy Emily Henry 7/20 · 10:19

Scott Richards talks with Emily Henry about her latest "beach read"  Book Lovers. 

Books By Easy - Louise Hare 7/8 · 10:06

Scott Richards talks with Author Louise Hare about her newest novel. "Miss Aldridge Regrets" set in 1936, primarily aboard The Queen Mary. Murder! Suspects! And a completely satisfying cast of characters, include Lena Aldridge.