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Endless Love
Listen to our podcasts with great authors! Check out these interviews...

Listen to the podcast with LUCY CLARKE. Her new mystery is called "One Of The Girls" and it's a tight, well written thriller set in the Greek Isles. Six British women on a girls weekend. All does not end well. 


Litchfield Books Podcast July 1, 2022 7/2 · 11:48

Scott Richards talks with Jamie Brenner about her latest novel, "Gilt"

Books by Easy with Scott Richards 6/28 · 10:08

Best selling author Lucy Clarke talks with Scott Richards about her new thriller, "One of The Girls" 

Books by Easy LAUREN BELFER 6/22 · 20:55

Scott Richards talks with Lauren Belfer about her new novel, "ASHTON HALL". 

Fiona Barton 6/9 · 11:11

Scott Richards talks with Fiona Barton about her latest British mystery, "Local Gone Missing". 

Brooke Lea Foster- On Gin Lane 6/4 · 11:42

Scott Richards interviews the author and talks about her new Novel set in 1957.

Sarah McCoy 5/30 · 13:36

Scott Richards talks with Sarah McCoy about her new novel, Mystique Island. 

Chris Bohjalian - The Lioness 5/25 · 5:38

Scott Richards talks with NYT's best selling novelist Chris Bohjalian about his newest book. 

The Good Left Undone by Adriana Trigiani 5/11 · 15:36

Scott Richards talks with Adriana Trigiani about her newest novel. It's set between both WWII Italy and Scotland, and contemporary Italy. Simply beautiful and heart filled. And full of history. 

Hernan Diaz - Trust 5/5 · 12:28

Scott Richards talks with Hernan Diaz about his new Novel. Exceptional writing, beautifully crafted story of extreme wealth told in four parts, one of which is the novel within the novel. 

Ellery Adams - The Vanishing Type 5/5 · 9:01

Scott Richards talks with Ellery Adams about her charming new murder mystery!

Kimberly Brock - The Lost Book of Eleanor Dare 4/20 · 10:51

Southern Historical Fiction at the very best. Scott Richards speaks with Kimberly Brock. 

Litchfield Books Madeline and Eliza 4/20 · 13:35

Scott Richards talks with Madeline Martin and Eliza Knight about their new historical fiction novels. 

Blood Sugar by Sascha Rothchild 4/20 · 8:15

Scott Richards talks with Sascha Rothchild about "Blood Sugar" her new Thriller. Ruby is accused of four murders. She only committed three. 

Nina deGramont 4/12 · 11:08

Scott Richards talks with Nina about "The Christie Affair"

Kristy Woodson Harvey 4/12 · 10:43

Scott Richards talks with Kristy about her newest novel!