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Melissa Bridges, the Marketing Director and Sexual Health Ambassador of Badd Kitty, reveals her last secret for a close, beautiful and moisturizing shave.

I don't know about you, but my shaving routine's been revolutionized since our talks!

I didn't realize my products and actions were some of the biggest culprits contributing to the razor bumps and itchy skin I often experienced after shaving.

Over the past few episodes, we've learned that it's important to know what's in our skin products and to avoid certain irritants and chemicals. It's also crucial to ensure those same products don't contain drying agents. How you bath and when you shave are key, too.

It's best to shower and lightly exfoliate before you grab the razor.

Below, Melissa goes over one more product that, when mixed with the above, results in a shave that even her girlfriends get jealous of.

Don't forget to check back next Wednesday for a new series. Here's a hint - it is holiday related.

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